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Network Services

Tax Services.

  • Completion and submission of documents for the annual tax return and rental income (E1 & E2).
  • Issue and distribution of the annual tax return statement.
  • The registration of rental contracts with the tax authorities.
  • Annual property tax returns and payment of the tax (ENFIA).
  • Opening a bank account.

Legal Services (for the buyer).

  • Ensuring that the property is free of encumbrances (mortgages, seizures, claims, etc.) and that the title deeds are valid by carrying out the necessary checks at the local land registry.
  • Drafting a private pre-purchase agreement for the initial agreement, terms and method of payment.Legal advice on property taxes and transfer tax exemptions.
  • Legal examination of the documents given by the seller to the notary.
  • On the day of signing the contract, recheck due diligence at the relevant Land Registry to ensure that the property is still free of encumbrances.
  • Legal assistance throughout the entire process.
  • Gathering all the necessary records and creating a complete file for the creation of the final purchase contract.
  • Continuous legal assistance to the owner throughout the sale.
  • The presence of a lawyer during the signing of the contract and the legal control of the final document.

Engineering Services.

  • Architectural design.
  • Decoration services.
  • Control of building permit documents.
  • Control of plans.
  • Mapping of the existing structure.
  • Issuance of building permit.
  • Supervision of construction works.
  • Construction study.
  • Topographical diagram.
  • Stability check.

A whole team of external partners is ready to serve in every legal process and to advise you always guided by the benefit of our client.