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About us

QHS24 (Quality Home Services 24h) Real Estate is a family business with more than 30 years of activity in the construction industry. From the provision of mediation services to the construction and trade of building materials, our company operates both in Greece and Cyprus.

Our aim is to select the best properties and provide premium services in the field of buying or renting properties, promoting properties for sale or renting and completing the process in the fastest possible time.

We envision people living in new modern homes, with spaces that are loved, utilitarian, pleasant and luxurious, fulfilling their every expectation.

We believe that permanent or short-term accommodation should offer much more than the basic elements of comfort. Even the redefinition of the term "luxury" must be done with criteria that include human values as well as high technology. A typical example is the unprecedented conditions that all of humanity experienced during the pandemic.

The core characteristics of our business and how these are translated through our services are found in our years of activity as well as in our comprehensive partnerships.

The search for new partners is not based on stereotypes but on the diversity of those who share our goals and vision. Our anthropocentric characteristics and environmental concerns cannot be compromised by momentary crises.

Personalized services.
The search for new customers is not based on quantitative but qualitative and targeted characteristics. Focusing on specific customer characteristics enables our team to offer exactly what a customer is looking for.

Our external partners support 101% of our needs to achieve our goals. Their reliability and modes of operation have been tested over time and can guarantee the high-quality services enjoyed by our customers.

Consultant agency.
Our team and each of our partners does not aim at a temporary and opportunistic benefit. He acts professionally and provides high-level consulting services for mediation, assessment, promotion and processing of all the cases he undertakes.

Professional Values

We comply with the code of ethics and protect the trust of our customers.

We do nothing less than what we agree to by following transparent processes.

We honor human values, environmental protection. We embrace diversity.

We consider the reward a given and part of our cooperation.

Global Vision.
Every business is responsible for its ethical as well as environmental footprint on the world.

QHS24 Real Estate


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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is not limited to business. It extends to the whole of society through its active people.

We participate and create social activities with a focus on people and the environment.

In this way we contribute to improving human life and protecting the environment. Our great ally in making a positive impact is technology.

QHS24 Real Estate

Our History

Since 1992, we have been providing high quality professional services in the construction and real estate sector. We have in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and the procedures for selling or buying real estate.

With more than 30 years of experience, we work responsibly with our partners to improve people's lives and environments.

QHS24 Real Estate

Professional Milestone

Establishment of a company for commercial building materials.

Expansion into the production of cement products.

Establishment of the 1st specialized dry construction and insulation workshop.

Participation in major infrastructure projects in Greece, such as Egnatia Road, Alexandroupolis University Hospital, Thessaloniki & Kavala Airport and many others.

Expansion in the sector in land development and real estate brokerage.

Developments in Thessaloniki.

Expansion in the sector of Real Estate Management.

Expansion in the field of improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

Business expansion in Cyprus including activities such as participation in infrastructure projects and brokerage services.

Expansion in the sector of real estate valuations


  • Land development companies in Athens, Thessaloniki, the Aegean Islands, Cyprus and Montenegro.
  • Accounting offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
  • Law firms in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
  • Business consultancy offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
  • Advertising agencies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
  • Architectural firms and engineers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
  • Construction companies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
  • Building and insulation material production companies in Greece.
  • Building and construction materials trading companies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
QHS24 Real Estate