Legal and finance services
  1. Tax Services: Completing and submitting documents for the annual tax return and rental income (E1 & E2)
    • The annual tax return statement’s release and distribution
    • Registration of net lease agreements for taxis
    • Annual property tax assessments and instalment payments (ENFIA)
  1. Legal Services for the Buyer: Ensure that the property is free of encumbrances (mortgages, foreclosures, claims, etc.) and that its titles are valid by performing due diligence at the local Land Registry.
    • Legal counsel regarding real estate taxes and transfer tax exemptions.
    • Legal review of the paperwork that the Seller gave the Notary.
    • On the day of signing the contract, conduct a second due diligence check at the relevant Land Registry to ensure that the property is still free from liens.
  1. Legal Assistance During the Entire Process.
    • Gathering all necessary records and creating a comprehensive folder for the creation of the last purchase agreement.
    • The owner’s ongoing legal assistance throughout the sale.
    • The presence of a lawyer at the contract signing and the legal review of the final document.


A whole team of external partners is ready to serve in every legal process and to advise you always guided by the benefit of our client.

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