Our Story

About Us

QHS24 is a family business with an established activity of 30 years in the construction industry. From the provision of mediation services to the construction and trade of building materials, our business has been active across both Greece and Cyprus.

Our goal is to provide premium services in the field of Real Estate and property management in Greece.

We envision a better tomorrow, where high technology and human values coexist to facilitate our daily lives through the use of new technologies, quality products, reliable services and environmental initiatives.

We believe that a permanent or short-term residence should offer a lot more than just the basic elements of comfort. A case in point is the unprecedented conditions we all had to experience through the pandemic.

The basic characteristics of our business and the way these are translated through our services can be found in the course of our years of activity as well as in our integrated collaborations.

The search for new partners is not based on stereotypes but on diversity of those who share our goals and vision. Our people-centric traits and environmental concerns can’t be compromised by momentary crises.

The search for new customers is not based on quantity but on targeted characteristics. Focusing on niche customer segments enables our team to offer exactly what they’re looking for.

Our available products and services are not for everyone. This is something we believe in and work in favor of. It’s called specialization.

Our external partners support 101% of our needs to achieve our goals. Their reliability and ways of operation have been tested over time and can guarantee the high-quality services that our customers enjoy.

Professional Values

Integrity. We comply with the code of ethics and protect our customer’s trust.

Honesty. We do nothing less than what we agree on by following transparent procedures.

Respect. We honour the values of human beings, the protection of the environment. We embrace diversity.

Reward. A worthy effort must be awarded.

Global Vision. Every business is responsible for its impact on the world.


Construction engineers

Negotiation certificates

Real Estate

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is not just about each business sector. It expands allover the society through its people.

We take part in activities and create our own actions, caring for people and the environment.

This way we contribute to the improvement of human life, the protection of the environment. Technology is our ally in making a positive impact.

Our history
Since 1992, we deliver professional property services as we have insider knowledge of the construction industry.
With more than 30 years of experience, we have been working responsibly with partners to enhance people’s lives and environments.
Professional Path

1992: Establishment of a commercial building materials company

1995: Expansion into the production of cement products

1996: Creation of the 1st specialized dry construction and insulation workshop

1996: Participation in major infrastructure projects in Greece such as the Egnatia road highway, Alexandroupolis University Hospital, Thessaloniki & Kavala airport and many others.

2000: Introduction to land development and real estate brokerage.

2004: Developments in Thessaloniki

2008: Property management

2010: Development in the field of improving energy efficiency of existing buildings

2018: Business expansion in Cyprus involving activities such as participating in infrastructure projects and mediation services.


Land development companies in Athens, Thessaloniki, Aegean islands, Cyprus and Montenegro.

Accounting companies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.

Law firms in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus

Business consulting offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus

Advertising companies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus

Architecture firms in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus

Construction companies in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus

Building and insulating material production companies in Greece

Trading companies of building and construction materials in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus

  1. Tax Services: Completing and submitting documents for the annual tax return and rental income (E1 & E2)
    • The annual tax return statement’s release and distribution
    • Registration of net lease agreements for taxis
    • Annual property tax assessments and instalment payments (ENFIA)
  1. Legal Services for the Buyer: Ensure that the property is free of encumbrances (mortgages, foreclosures, claims, etc.) and that its titles are valid by performing due diligence at the local Land Registry.
    • Legal counsel regarding real estate taxes and transfer tax exemptions.
    • Legal review of the paperwork that the Seller gave the Notary.
    • On the day of signing the contract, conduct a second due diligence check at the relevant Land Registry to ensure that the property is still free from liens.
  1. Legal Assistance During the Entire Process.
    • Gathering all necessary records and creating a comprehensive folder for the creation of the last purchase agreement.
    • The owner’s ongoing legal assistance throughout the sale.
    • The presence of a lawyer at the contract signing and the legal review of the final document.
  1. Property & Revenue Management.
    • Keep tabs on rent payments and make sure they are made on schedule each month.
  1. Expenditure Management
    • Spend & timely bill payments monitoring